Mystery Shopping: a far reaching relationship

A case study of one client’s experience with ABa


Driving employee engagement ...


over 2.9m

99 out of 100


page views per annum by frontline managers on the client reporting site. Reporting is tailored to all levels, from CEO to shop floor at least once a week & they all log in every fortnight. It provides a valuable tool to drive excellent customer service emails have been sent between ABa and the frontline management team, helping them improve the customer experience


As well as the core programme, ABa has completed 130 ad hoc projects, covering 23 different key customer touch points and gathered competitor intelligence, helping our client shape and deliver service strategy.

We also help our client with...


In 2015, we have completed ...

36,000+ assessments
71,000+ service interactions
13,800+ gold standard awards
5,600+ perfect interactions
35,000+ perfect experiences





Retail audits
Point of sale
Contact centres