CX Dashboard

Our CX dashboards provide a one stop shop for information and trends on all customer measures within each client’s business, helping our clients put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

The dashboard can display a wide range of different data streams, and we work with our clients to understand who needs to see what, and how best to show the information for ease of use, understanding and engagement.

We build each dashboard to give our clients easy access to their customer metrics. This might include data we are capturing for our clients via a CX measurement programme, internal key business metrics, pulling relevant data from public APIs, or a combination of all of these.

Bespoke app design

Bespoke App DesignWe design bespoke apps to support our client’s Head Office teams across a wide variety of roles and duties. These include Ops Team compliance checks, internal and competitive data capture via the organisation’s own employees, and both colleague training and evaluation.

Each app we create is built from the ground up for the specific needs and culture of the client. We ensure that every app we build is designed to be inherently flexible and agile, so we can easily and rapidly adapt to changing client requirements.