For a start, we’ve been doing Mystery Shopping for more than 30 years – so we know better than most what works and what doesn’t.

Where most organisations use large teams, we (typically choose to) use smaller teams of people carefully selected for their skills and experience and fit with the client’s demographics where needed. Just as we work in partnership with our clients, we work very closely with our Mystery Customers to ensure real consistency of behaviour, evaluation and alignment with clients’ standards. This is often missed out by others who use larger teams of less highly trained people. While we offer all types of Mystery Shopping, we specialise in designing complete programmes that don’t just measure performance, but actively help frontline teams to deliver.

And, we complete every planned visit on time! (It sounds obvious, but we know it often doesn’t happen.)

What does ABa Mystery Shopping deliver?

It tells you what’s really happening, in your frontline environments, and measures employee performance against an agreed framework. It’s designed for frontline staff engagement to help you achieve one of the hardest tasks in CX – culture change – as well as service improvement.