What you need to know

Have a read of our top reasons for becoming a mystery shopper and then when you’re ready, simply click Apply to become a Mystery Shopper. If you already have an existing application, please select the option Login to an existing application.

Anyone can be a mystery shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper is easy – submit your application, keep your profile up to date and we’ll be in touch as and when we have relevant assessments that match your profile. After a simple online application and follow up qualification call with our Recruitment Team, you'll be offered assignments to evaluate stores or services discreetly. It's a flexible and rewarding way to experience various environments while helping businesses improve their customer service.

It's free to sign up and takes less than 10 minutes

When you click ‘Apply to become an ABa Mystery Shopper’ you will be asked for your personal details and some information about yourself, including geographic and time availability. You’ll then be asked to agree to work to our Code of Conduct and Golden Rules. We’ll pass your application to our Recruitment Team who will be in touch when there are assessments in your chosen area(s).

We work differently with our Mystery Shoppers

We don’t prescribe to the fastest finger first approach when allocating our clients’ assessments – we pick the best profile fit from our pool of Mystery Shoppers and typically work in smaller focused teams. We invest in you and in your education of our clients’ requirements, standards, policies, and culture. This ensures the quality of your reports are precise, relevant, and actionable.

We are always available to offer our advice & support

Every active mystery shopping programme operates with two dedicated lines of support - this ensures someone is always on hand to help. If the dedicated point of contact is unavailable, we also offer an emergency phone line, even at weekends! We know how tough it can be in the field, and if you need support, you know a friendly voice is always available to help guide you through. We openly encourage you to get in touch with us on any subject, even if you just want a quick chat in between assessments.

We pay our Mystery Shoppers promptly

Our Mystery Shoppers do not have to wait longer than 2 weeks for payment. For any high value purchases we arrange payment within 7 days to help maintain steady cashflow for our Mystery Shopping team.