Customer Experience Measurement

Customer Experience Measurement is a catch all term that covers a wide range of tools that capture customer-centric data relevant to an organisation and/or industry. The insight gleaned from this data allows organisations to interpret and analyse how customers perceive and interact with their products, services, and brand.

Better customer experiences lead to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty & brand advocacy, which in turn translates to increased revenue and long-term business success.

And delivering better customer experiences starts with measuring the customer experience.

Why measure the customer experience?

The adage of ‘measure it to manage it’ rings true. By measuring what customers experience at the ‘coal-face’ of service, it allows any organisation to:

  • Better understand the highs & lows of each customer touchpoint
  • Identify critical elements of the customer journey that have the greatest impact to the customer.
  • Exactly pinpoint areas where improvements can be made.
  • Embed consistency in service delivery.
  • Improve the customer experience, which leads to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.

How does ABa help to measure the customer experience?

We have proven experience and skills in putting in place the full range of metrics and KPIs used to assess our clients’ CX. This includes:

We are experts in gathering and analysing these metrics across all key CX measurement methods. We work in any industry sector, and have extensive experience within Retail, Financial Services and Leisure & Hospitality. Wherever a customer interaction takes place, we can measure it through the design, implementation and management of: