What is CSAT?

What is CSAT?

Customer Satisfaction, often referred to as CSAT for short, is a customer experience survey that looks at how satisfied a customer is. Companies will ask, “How satisfied were you with (company / product / experience / colleague etc)?”

CSAT surveys are at their most useful if they are kept short and simple, which makes it easier for companies to track a customer’s journey and how they feel at each key stage. This can make it easier to pinpoint where satisfaction drops and identify where improvements are needed. It can also be used to better understand customers’ expectations or likes and dislikes. This type of survey is often seen as an initial response to the company / product / experience as opposed to NPS (Net Promoter Score) which measures a customer’s longer-term loyalty to a company.

How is CSAT measured?

The customer is asked how satisfied they were, and typically this measured against a 5-point scale to score (but can be measured on 7- or 10-point scale too):

1 – Very Dissatisfied 2 – Fairly Dissatisfied 3 – Neither 4 – Fairly Satisfied 5 – Very Satisfied

To calculate the score, only responses of (Satisfied) and (Very Satisfied) are included:

N u m b e r o N f u m S b a e t r i s o f f i e s d u r + v e V y e r r y e s S p a o t n i s s e f s i e x d 1 c 0 u 0 s t o m e r s = % o f s a t i s f i e d c u s t o m e r s

CSAT questions can be used in a multitude of service environments as there is greater flexibility in question phrasing vs. the constraints of NPS (which is a 1-question type only measure). This flexibility and the simplicity in the calculation and scoring, makes it a popular way to measure and evaluate the customer experience.

CSAT results are easily understandable for all levels of the business, and a good indicator of strengths and opportunities across each customer touchpoint.

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