We regularly receive very positive feedback from our Mystery Customers about working with ABa. We value the work our Mystery Shoppers complete for us, and we invest time creating professional, long-lasting relationships with the team. Here’s a selection of some of the lovely things our Mystery Shoppers say about working with us...

I have freelanced with ABa for over 20 years and have always found them to be professional, loyal and at the forefront of Mystery Shopping. I’ve always felt valued and have built a strong relationship with them. They provide a thorough service and are leaders.

Fantastic team to work with. I've been a mystery shopper with ABa for several years now working with a couple of specific clients. The briefs are always clear, and the team know about the client's requirements and is always on hand to support me in my assessments as required. Would highly recommend them for those looking to pick up work or seeking support as a client.

My go-to mystery shopping company. Fees are better than average, all staff are brilliant and always ready to help, and they have some great clients. Briefs are comprehensive and very clear, with full explanation of scoring criteria for each assessment. Reports can be input online or via the app. Something I really appreciate is that you don't have to save your report every few minutes as you do with most companies. You're prompted to raise an invoice as soon as you've completed your report and payment is quick and reliable. I've been an ABa mystery shopper for many years and look forward to being so for many more. HIGHLY recommended!

ABa is a great company to work with. As a mystery shopper I am treated well and made to feel like a valued member of the team. They provide the tools and information I need to help me do my job efficiently. Problems are resolved quickly and communication is clear, frequent and effective.

One of the benefits of working with ABa is you really feel part of a team. I am quite remote from the office as I live in Devon and in the 20 years I have been associated with ABa I've never felt isolated, there is always someone to help with an enquiry and offer reassurance/ assistance.

I feel ABa have given me the tools to become a better Mystery Shopper. This includes clear instructions and literature to carry out assessments, post assessment feedback to improve reporting and live training sessions at Road Shows.

To ABa I know I'm not just a name on a list, an unknown personality to pick for the next job. When I phone the office there is always a friendly voice on the end of the line. Compared to some other companies I have worked for in the past ABa has always stood out for their professional approach to Mystery Shopping and a great team management.

I've worked as a mystery shopper with ABa for 15 years now and have loved my time working with them. It's easy to get help and support from them and I'm always paid promptly too. It's really interesting work too.

ABa are a wonderful company. They are family run and work in the mindset that all employees and assessors are treated kindly and equally. They work with a wide range of companies to make sure you get excellent customer service.

Good company to work for as a mystery shopper. I have worked for them for several years. They treat assessors well and are supportive and responsive.

ABa is a great company with the best ethics. They show everyone so much respect, I feel like my hard work is really valued.

Excellent company. Professional and responsive. They go above and beyond to help both clients and mystery shoppers.

ABa is the only mystery company I’ve worked for who vet their mystery shoppers before actually using them. They also brief their Assessors better and more often than other companies. I am happy to say that ABa is the best mystery shopping company I’ve ever worked for

Working for ABa is like being part of a large family. All mystery shoppers are personally known to the account teams, and all jobs are individually allocated. This is a far better system than jobs just being published on a job board, when the ‘fastest finger’ gets the work. With personal allocation, the account teams know exactly who is going out to do the job.

I have worked for ABa as a Mystery Shopper for nearly 8yrs and in that time found them to be a very professional and capable company. Their regular training sessions provide us with the exact requirements of the client, which gives us a better understanding of what we are here to do

ABa is ‘Simply the best’! They provide regular work and have a wide variety of clients - no two projects are the same. They demand and expect high standards, but if you ever have a problem you can pick up the phone and speak to a member of their staff for help and guidance.