How Mystery Shopping Enhances Customer Engagement on World Smile Day

How Mystery Shopping Enhances Customer Engagement on World Smile Day

World Smile Day is a global reminder of the power of a smile. For many businesses, a smile can be a game-changer, fostering customer engagement and loyalty. A smile costs nothing but can transform the customer experience.

The MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) Smiling Report reflects the findings of thousands of mystery shoppers from around the world, shedding light on how businesses are faring in 3 key areas – Smile, Greeting, and Add-on Sales. The MSPA has been compiling this data for 19 years from 34 different countries, splitting it by sectors (e.g. Automotive, Hospitality, Retail), and this year’s figures have been taken from 731,285 evaluations from 30 different countries.

With the UK ranking 19th out of 23 countries for Smile, 17th for Greeting, and 15th for Add-on Sales, the UK markets have some way to go to catch up with their European neighbours, and this is where an effective Mystery Shopping programme can help businesses quickly rise and stand out.

Mystery Shopping programmes help embed the service behaviours that organisations want to see their customers experience. Operationally focused Mystery Shopping programmes go further, by engaging with the employees who deliver the service. A smile is infectious; using an operationally focused Mystery Shopping programme to engage positively with employees creates an environment where colleagues feel recognised and valued, and this positivity cascades through to the customer experience.

Enhancing Customer Service

Mystery Shopping is more than just a tool for evaluating service; it is a catalyst for improvement. Our Mystery Shoppers visit businesses as anonymous customers and provide measurable and actionable feedback on a range of customer points of contact. Whether it’s the friendliness of the colleagues, the cleanliness of the premises, or the efficiency of service, our Mystery Shoppers offer an impartial eye that drives our business partners to raise their standards.

Our detailed reports, and analysis, help businesses pinpoint opportunities in their customer service delivery and offer comprehensive steps to deliver continuous improvement which, in turn, boosts customer satisfaction and sales.

Engaging Customers

At ABa, we believe that engaging with customers should go beyond providing a satisfactory transaction; organisations should strive for customer delight rather than customer satisfaction and generate opportunities to create memorable experiences. Mystery Shopping plays a pivotal role in this by simulating real customer interactions. Our Mystery Shoppers not only assess the technical aspects of service but also the emotional connections made during the customer journey.

We hold the belief that businesses who empower their frontline colleagues to excel in Mystery Shopping evaluations, will also excel in authentic customer interactions. By recognising and highlighting these unsung service heroes, we inspire proactive actions that result in colleagues going above and beyond for every customer. This, in turn, cultivates loyalty, leaves lasting impressions, and transforms both colleagues and customers into enthusiastic advocates of the brand.

Customer Buy In

Customers who have positive experiences with brands are more likely to buy into its values, products, and mission. At ABa, we help each business to align their operations with customer expectations, making it easier to gain customers’ trust and loyalty, and exceed their expectations.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a business’ arsenal, and it begins with customers genuinely believing in the brand’s commitment to excellent service. Customers who have consistently positive interactions are not only more likely to return, but also spread the word.

As we celebrate World Smile Day, we think it’s important to recognise the role that mystery shopping plays in our commercial landscape. The MSPA Smiling Report is not just an annual evaluation, but also a testament to the commitment of Mystery Shopping companies who help businesses improve the customer experience and increase brand buy-in. By consistently striving for excellence in customer service, we believe businesses can make the world a happier one, one smile at a time.

To find out more about our expertise in customer experience measurement programmes that deliver a better customer experience, please get in touch with ABa via the details below.

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[i] The Smiling Report is managed by MSPA Europe/Africa, Better Business World Wide

[ii] The report has been running for 19 years and compiles data from 34 different countries, splitting it by sectors (e.g., Automotive, Hospitality, Retail).

[iii] Sample size of 731,285 evaluations from 30 different countries.