Customer Experience Measurement Tools

Customer Experience Measurement Tools

Within each category, there is a crossover of tools that can be fit for purpose. The decision on what tools to utilise will be determined by best fit for company model and often, familiarity with these individual tools by the main user. In the same way customers respond to negative experiences, individuals who have experienced negative use of these tools, will often carry that opinion with them and be reluctant to embrace a different customer experience measurement tool, which often is better suited to the specific business objective.

Increasingly, we are seeing our clients choosing to use a selection of CEM tools to harness the most effective insight and drive improvement. Using a suitable mix of these to provide KPIs across a balanced scorecard is becoming more prevalent. Alongside this, the importance of ‘consistency’ in the customer experience is being recognised - having a continuous credible measure that tracks the customer experience is becoming more widespread, with customer centric businesses embracing this as the norm.

What the customer wants (and why)

What the customer feels and preceives the customer experience to be

The actual customer experience